Full-Cycle Application Development

Full Cycle Software Product Development describes the complete process of creating or altering custom software systems, from initial concept to post-release support.

The way we do it

We help our clients deliver strong innovative products by leveraging a combination of prototyping and iterative development models. This powerful blend helps software developers reduce the time and budget required for site themes completion, and enhances the quality of our performance.

Analysis and Planning

Our collaboration starts with understanding and defining your business and technical needs. These are then recorded in a Project Requirements Specification report, including costs estimation and project development plans. In certain cases (e.g., when the customer’s requirements are too generic) we create a high-level prototype to demonstrate the most critical aspects of the target product. This way, the client can visualize the future system and make adjustments before it is implemented.

We use proven technologies combining them with latest innovations:


  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Java/J2EE to build scalable, high performance Web Application and Python for Web 2.0
  • C#,.Net,MVC,PHP, Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • RDBMS (MsSql,MySQL, PostgerSQL, Oracle) for standard needs or NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB) as modern flexible Data Storage.
  • JavaScript: Core, jQuery, Dojo, YUI, ExtJS
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Custom CMS & Business Intelligence


Design and Implementation

In this stage, an appropriate architecture, technology and interface design are chosen. We apply an iterative, agile approach to development because this ensures continuous communication with the client, repeated reviews, and frequent deliveries. During each iteration the existing implementation is thoroughly analyzed and compared with the project’s goals. It is also tested and validated by the client and helpful feedback is gathered. This helps us tailor the development process and improve the quality of the product.

So, if you buy our Magento or NopCommerce templates, you’ll not stay without maintenance – detailed documentation and our support service will help you.


Maintenance and Support

Post-release support ensures that a proper transfer of knowledge takes place, and that training and documentation for the project is given to you. Throughout we monitor the performance of the system and provide changes where necessary.



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