Buy X Get Y Free Discount Plugin

NopCommerce Discount Plugin
Vendor: NopDestek

Buy X Get Y Free Discount Plugin

If would you like to build unqiue discount for e-commerce sites , we recommended you our Buy X Get Y Free Plugin enough for this.

Calculation method : 
if you select Calculate for all selected products totally , in cart which of cheapest product(s) give free .
if you select Calculate for each product separately , discount define calculation separately and give discount or free items . if you seelct  Required buy quantity for buy free product how many item defined and then gives free item . 


 Support Versions : 


  • NopCommerce 3.70
  • NopCommerce 3.60
  • NopCommerce 3.50
  • NopCommerce 3.40
  • NopCommerce 3.30
  • NopCommerce 3.20
  • Assign to Category
  • Assign to Product


You can test in your local project . If you satisfy you can buy licence for domain base . 





Products specifications
Nop Version Version 3.20
Nop Version Version 3.30
Nop Version Version 3.40
Nop Version Version 3.50
Nop Version Version 3.60
Nop Version Version 3.70
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